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Frequently asked questions

How should I set up my exercise area?

Check the following:

Sturdy straight-backed chair (preferably with no arms because they can get in the way of some of the exercises)
A clear floor space of at least 2m2
Check for trip hazards such as mats or clutter
Set up your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or tv so you can easily follow the workout – make sure it’s at eye level height on a stable stand

Do I need any equipment to begin?

All you need is a sturdy straight-backed chair.
Ideally you need a resistance band of appropriate firmness, however the exercises can easily be done with no resistance at all (focusing on range of motion and muscle contraction intensity instead). To order a resistance band click here.
For some of the exercises you could use 2 x 1-2kg dumbbells or food tins or plastic bottles of water.

What should I wear?

It’s important to wear suitable footwear – preferably a light sports shoe with a firm sole and some ankle support. Try to avoid heavy, restrictive shoes as this can cause the muscles in your ankles and feet become lazy. ABSOLUTELY NO SLIPPERS, JANDALS, HEELS OR BOOTS.
It’s not necessary to have specific “gym” clothing but you may feel more comfortable with clothing that has some stretch, breathability and preferably not too loose or baggy.

I am finding the routines too difficult.

The first few times through a routine can be challenging because you are just learning the moves. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up – just do what you can at your own pace.  Most people find they improve quickly and are amazed at what they can do.

If you are following the standing option, why not try the seated option instead?

You can also choose to do just the upper body moves, or just the lower body moves until you are ready to combine them.

I am finding the routines too easy.

Most of the moves can easily be intensified by deepening the squats or knees bends, or making your moves more explosive and powerful.
You can use a thicker resistance band (BLACK) to work a little harder.
You can breath in and out more strongly to increase your heart rate.
Try adding vocals by counting repetitions in a loud voice.
In week 4 of Discover You we outline the principle of intensity.

I am having difficulty setting up my subscription.

Send an email to info@supercue.nz describing your problem. If it’s straight forward we will email you with further instructions, or phone you to help guide you through the subscription process.

I find the music is playing too loudly and find it difficult to hear what the instructors are saying.

The volume can differ from one device to another. You may need to check the settings for sound in the main Settings “folder”.   If this continues to be an issue, please contact us at info@supercue.nz and we will do our best to help.

How much does it cost to become a SuperCue Seniors Subscriber?

The first 14 days are FREE for you to login to our members portal and view all our content and programmes. After that you will be encouraged to subscribe or buy a DVD.

You can choose from 3 options:

Monthly              NZ $15

6-Month              NZ $81

12-Months          NZ$144

What methods of payment are accepted by Club SuperCue?

Internet banking and credit card payment options through PayPal.  If you prefer alternative payment methods please email accounts@supercue.nz or phone Marya on 021 452 172.